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Bells of Freedom


The Korimako (Bellbird) in my mind could well have been named by Maori, by way of its vibrant, energetic movement (kori), along with the stout body shape and sharp bill, together resembling the tooth of the Mako Shark. The scene in which I’ve chosen for the lovely Korimako is one of the Clinton River, on the famous Milford Track in the South Island, New Zealand.
The footbridge with its crystal clear, green water stands not far from Glade House. One old map noted that the valley was once referred to as the 'Clinton Canyon'. Aptly named I feel, having walked through this jaw dropping valley with hanging cliffs and cascading waterfalls on either side.

'He kura kainga e hokia; he kura tangata e kore e hokia.'
The land persists but human possessions do not.

Contact us for information on this original painting. (Oil on Linen - Original Size 29cm x 69.5cm)

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  • Bells of freedom