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Link To The Past


Sometimes as an artist, it's hard to come up with the inspiration for the next masterpiece. I guess that's the 'artists block' at work.
'Life work' is a wonderful way to earn a living but sometimes 'life' can get in the way. External influences can take hold, preventing the creative flow. I completed this painting in one of those times. I guess you could say I looked within for inspiration rather than at my surroundings.

I was learning to speak the language of Maori and connecting that with my past. My Scottish heritage with a link via my beloved Grandmother to local Maori. The Scottish thistle thrives in the soil which holds the treasured pounamu. The beautiful Tui still fly as they did long before the link was formed.


"Whaia e koe te iti Kahurangi, ki te tuohu koe, me he maunga teitei."
Seek that which is close to your heart, if you should bow, let it be to a lofty mountain.

Size 76cm x 30.5cm

Original - SOLD – contact us to commission your own premium painting.


Limited Edition Giclee Fine Art Paper/Canvas Prints


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Small Paper


37.5cm x 15cm


Large Paper


57.5cm x 23cm


Canvas Roll


76cm x 30.5cm


  • Link to the Past